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Feeling Forgetful?

As you age, it is natural that your memory is not going to be as good as it used to be.  If you have children, you may notice how well their memory functions.  However, as you move further into adulthood, you may find that your memory is decreased.  In fact, it is known that most […]

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2 Ancient Remedies for Pain

We all know somebody… or at least have read about a celebrity who swears-by the healing power of TCM (traditional Chinese medicine); such as acupuncture and acupressure. So why is it that an ancient healing art that has over 3000 years worth of proven results – with over a billion faithful followers, can’t seem to […]

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Mastering the Phases of Personal and Professional Relationships

Each relationship that you have in life - regardless of who that relationship is with - has the potential to go through several different phases. You may end up going through all of the phases or you may only go through the basic ones. The level of phases that you go through will depend on […]

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4 Step Goal Setting Strategy

Everyone has certain goals they want to reach. It might be weight loss or finances in your personal life, or specific business growth goals in your career. Regardless of what milestones you want to achieve, you won’t get there if all you have is the end result in mind. Setting goals is just one part […]

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Daily Habits for Happiness and Success

Far too many people waste time trying to buy happiness when it’s readily available without costing a cent. Some people just wish and dream of a day when they’ll be able to afford the things they feel will make them happy and successful, like a new home, exotic vacations, and more. Happiness and success isn’t […]

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Heal Your Mind to Heal Your Heart

A study in the Journal of Behavioral Medicine has indicated that once anxiety and depression sets in, you’ve unleashed the possibility that you’ll develop heart disease in the future. We all know some of the factors that contribute to heart disease – primarily genetics and our poor food consumption (or lack of healthy foods in […]

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Handling Stress Before It Happens

Stress is something that everyone in the world will experience. Some of us deal with a lot of stress – others, not as much. But one thing that we all have in common is that we all have a reaction to stress. When something happens to cause stress, we’ll react in either positive or negative […]

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Building Mental Toughness

Mental Toughness and Your Habits Do you know that the level of your mental toughness is directly related to your habits? Actually not many people are aware of this. Instead they think that being mentally tough is something you were born with. It is not, you can easily develop and improve your mental toughness. A […]

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